VTaL - Students tracking their own progress in Year 10 DigiTech

Step 1 : What are students learning today?

  1. Students navigate to the DigiTech with Ms Anderson Google Site > Year 10 >  Year 10 Overview and Calendar.  
  2. Once in the calendar, students locate the link for their class in today's date.  
  3. Students can also add the class calendar to show in their own calendar (as shown in the image below).
  4. The calendar post includes details of today's lesson instructions.

Step 2 : What are the instructions for the task?

  1. The instructions refer students to a Workspace in the Student Dashboard of the learning activities and evidence required for each task.  The Workspace also includes resources that might help the students to complete each task.  NB:  Students who (for whatever reason) cannot access the work in the Workspace, can also locate the same learning information directly from my site.
  2. Students are able to submit completed tasks for marking.
  3. Work that students complete and submit, that satisfies the requirements of the task, is marked and returned to students (as marked).  Work that needs changes applied, will have comments added by myself, giving students feedback on what else needs to be done (as shown in the image below)

Step 3 : How do students know if they are on track?

  1. Students are able to access information on tasks that they have completed in the Workspace Grade Sheet, which has been adapted into a Class Project Task List - Tracking Sheet (as shown in the images below). 
  2. Green indicates that the task is complete.  Orange indicates that the task is incomplete.  Red indicates that the task has not been started.


A lot of this process of work flow, impacts on students having access to their learning information, as well as up to date information on their progress.

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