Review 2017 : Goal 1

Focus Class for the Goal

Māori students in NCEA Level 1, NCEA Level 2 and NCEA Level 3

Goals and Actions - Student learning and achievement

To improve outcomes for students in my classes by making changes or adjustments to my teacher practice by  tracking the attendance and achievement of Māori students in my NCEA Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 multi-level class, and communicating this information to students on a regular basis.

Goals and Actions - Teacher learning and achievement

  • To develop a digital process and system to collect regular data on achievement and attendance.
  • To digitally share the data on achievement and attendance with the students.
  • To have one to one meetings with students whose attendance or incomplete work leaves the student at risk of not achieving.
  • To contact home for students whose attendance or incomplete work leaves the student at risk of not achieving.
  • To enter updates into Kamar for issues relating to achievement and attendance.

Goals and Actions - Reflections

The initial template turned out to not be a sustainable resource.  I then developed a different process that integrates achievement data with student attendance.

This aligns with the data summary sheets in Kamar that is used to discuss student achievement with SLT.  The Student Standard Data Update - Templates enable an overview of the formative feedback relating to students with regards standards the students have achieved, standards the students are working on, credits offered to each student, attendance, teaching strategies and interventions, student actions, and any other notes that are not picked up through summative feedback in Kamar.

The sheets also included meeting updates between myself and individual students, which I then shared with the students, so that they had a copy of the feedback to action in terms of the project they were currently working on.  This also enabled me to track the conversations that I'd had with students, as well as the actions that the students either had, or had not, followed up on.

Goals and Actions - Future Focus 2018

I have shared the process with staff in the Technology Department and have developed a template for Technology Staff to use in 2018.  Student Standard Data Update - Template.

This will enable each staff member, as well as myself, to know and understand where each Senior Student who takes a Technology subject, is tracking throughout each term, and from one term to the next.

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