Review 2017 : Goal 2

Focus Class for the Goal

Technology Students

Goals and Actions - Student learning and achievement

To improve outcomes for students in my department by modelling effective teacher practice to Technology staff and assisting staff to apply various VTaL components of Learn Create and Share for learners.

Goals and Actions - Teacher learning and achievement

To discuss with Technology  staff which standard (or project) will be the focus for applying VTaL to, and assist staff to set this process up.

Goals and Actions - Reflections

Staff trialled VTaL with a particular class.  In my Impact Burst 2017! post, I briefly outline some of the outcomes from this goal in the section entitled ‘Taking the Journey with Technology Staff’.  This included breaking down some of the VTaL tools that staff could focus on integrating into their subject sites for 2018.

Some of the Technology Staff also blogged about their experience with the use of the some or a particular VTaL tool, which they were then able to share into the VTaL Google+ Community.  These are particularly insightful in terms of:
  • Promoting student engagement and motivation
  • Setting up classroom routines
  • Integrating theory and practical lessons together
  • Developing rewindable resources

I am extremely proud of the work that the Technology staff have put into the use of various VTaL tools so far this year.  They’ve all done well within their own journeys of integrating VTaL into their classrooms, and I look forward to ongoing developments in 2018.

The following images link to the various blog posts shared into the VTaL Google+ Community.

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  1. Hi Hinerau
    Its been great reading the progress being made around visible teaching and learning. The impact on student engagement and achievement shows shift. The next challenge is to how best to ensure that the shift in practice is maintained. Kia kaha kia toa.

    1. Cheers Russel. I think that it is always important to consider factors of sustainability when trialling methods of effective pedagogical practices. This is where I believe a deeper understanding around effective pedagogy is important, so as to not get consumed in the tool itself, but more so how the tool can be used, tweaked, and modified, to address learning needs. I believe that addressing learning needs is constant, but the ways and means in which that takes place, is ever evolving.