Subject Google Sites … So what is the state of the nation?

In order to gain an idea of what the actual starting point looked like going forward, I decided to do a stocktake of what Subject sites looked like from the outside looking in.  The outside being incognito!  The starting point being an indication of the ‘visibility’ of the Subject sites, including access to the site, and access and visibility of embedded content.  In addition, visibility also pertained to blank pages within the sites which I deemed to have no real purpose.

I took a screenshot of the Site, and just randomly started navigating through the sites.  Any time that I encountered examples of ‘invisibility’ eg. inability to access a site or page, a request for permission to access a resource, or an empty page, I’d take a screenshot.  Once I came across three examples of invisibility, I would exit the site, and navigate to the next site.

What was interesting is that there appeared to be an unreasonably high number of ‘invisibility’ issues ranging from access into the site, as well as request for permission to a lot of content.  It became apparent that (generally speaking), staff didn’t fully grasp the fact that their content was infact INVISIBLE!  Because staff were able to see all of their own material (due to the fact that everyone within the Tamaki domain can do this), I wasn’t sure that staff realised that the public eg. everyone outside of Tamaki College couldn’t see and access their sites, or the content within their sites.  So, this prompted me to develop a very basic presentation to deliver to staff during morning briefing, as well as share to staff for future reference.  In addition to this, I shared the screenshots of various Subject sites to each department to view and digest, so that staff understood what I meant by visibility or invisibility, and could make appropriate changes to their sites.

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