VTaL Visible Teaching and Learning Presentation at the Auckland GAFE Summit 2017

I recently presented at the Auckland GAFE Summit 2017 held at Aorere College about Visible Teaching and Learning VTaL in a Secondary School Context.  My presentation was attended by educationalists from all around New Zealand, including Northland, the Bay of Plenty, Central North Island, the Hawkes Bay and Auckland.

The focus of the presentation was to share and communicate to other professionals in education, the potential of the VTaL framework that I have developed and utilise in my own teaching practice.  This was also a perfect opportunity for me to test whether other educationalists could access my teaching and learning resources, including assessment information, learning instructions, formative feedback on student progress, and work shared by students.  This of course being the whole point of Visible Teaching and Learning.  I set up an exercise in a Google form for participants to complete.  The exercise, and the responses can be viewed in the following presentation.

In all questions, the responses with the greatest majority of answers, is the correct response for that question.  This was really reassuring to see that other educationalists COULD actually access the teaching and learning materials.  Yay! the work IS visible!

I also introduced participants to the VTaL Google+ community, so that they would have a 'takeout' from the presentation.  The presentation was well received and participants seemed engaged and enthusiastic about the potential of VTaL for their own teaching practice.  Some of the feedback is reflected in the following presentation evaluation.

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