VTaL - Connecting with Learners with the use of Emojis

Connecting with Learners with the use of Emojis

As I've been having conversations with my Senior DigiTech students, about what task they're up to within their current project, what help they might need, the resources that could be useful to them etc, I thought that I'd incorporate the use of emojis into the conversation.

Once the discussion was over, students could add an emoji into the Data Update sheet to represent how they were feeling at the time.  Well, they loved it!  It was completely optional, but some of them wanted to start the conversation with an emoji, which was a bit of a laugh.  The main point of the conversations is to use the VTaL Tracking Sheets to determine where students are at, and what the students need to progress forward.  If the use of emojis to reflect how they are feeling at the time, is going to encourage students to engage in the conversations, then I'm all for it.  

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