VTaL - Learning in DigiTech 'Instructions for Students new to Digital Learning'

A few weeks into Term 1 of last year 2017, I had a student join my senior class from another school.  The student was completely new to learning in a digital environment.  In order to support this student to be able to access learning, I put together a short summary of instructions, so that the work flow and information flow would start making sense to this student; all of which is relatively intuitive for students who are familiar with Google Apps.

I was prompted to write this post after a discussion yesterday with a colleague, about informing students of how to access learning if they are not familiar with mode of learning already.

If you click on the section below, Learning in DigiTech, this will direct you to the document that I developed.  The instructions lead to my previous site, which also didn't include the use of Workspaces at the time.  However, the process of accessing the learning is still the same for my NEW Google Site Digital Technologies with Ms Anderson.

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