VTaL - Student Blogs and Calendars within NEW Google Sites

This morning during Staff Briefing, Russel Dunn, broadcast to staff his example of a NEW Google Subject Site.  As Student Blogs and Calendars are a huge focus, Russel showed how these could easily be linked or embedded into the NEW Google Site format.

The site structure that Russel demonstrated completely aligns with the way in which I have formatted and structured my own subject site Digital Technologies with Ms Anderson.  The following link is for another recent blog post that demonstrates how NEW Students are Navigating to Learning Information in my DigiTech Site.

VTaL - NEW Students Navigating in Learning Information in my DigiTech Site

Links to Student Blogs within our NEW Google Sites

Having Student Blogs linked within our Google Sites, enables easy access for users of our sites, whether they be students, teachers, parents etc, to locate individual student blogs.

Google Calendars embedded within our NEW Google Sites

Having Google Calendars embedded within our sites, with links to learning information within the calendars, enables learners to have access to their learning across all learning areas, according to timeframes and timelines.  In addition, the learning information within Google Calendars becomes a rewindable learning resource.

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  1. I'm delighted to see this move Hinerau. Updates to New Sites seem to be weekly and it is fabulous that Tamaki College has one of the leadership team continuing to explore how thes updates can improve visibility and empowerment.

    1. Yes you're quite right Dorothy. I think with regards to visibility, public access to the information is just one part of the package, the other part is how the information is streamlined to enable it to be accessed easily. Navigating to student blogs by year level within our sites, should hopefully enable more visibility and accessibility.