VTaL Parent Voice - Using Tracking Sheets (Class Task Lists) to see my Child's Progress

I had the pleasure of meeting with Natasha Taylor, parent of Lukis Taylor in Year 9, at the Student Parent Conferences.  Natasha wanted to know what Lukis's progress looked like in DigiTech, and so we had the discussion based on information that was available in my DigiTech with Ms Anderson subject site for Year 9 Student Academic Progress.

Natasha was delighted to see what Luki's progress looks like in class so far.  Here are a few comments about what Natasha had to say:

"OMG he's doing work".
"It's nice having good feedback from teachers".
"The colours are so clear.  It's pretty obvious what the colours mean.  Green means he's doing work.  Red means students haven't done anything.  Kind of like how marking is always done in red pen, so you know something isn't right".

As a teacher, it is really enlightening to see how transparent and useful the colour codes are in the tracking sheets and class lists for parents and students.  Natasha was really keen to catch up with Lukis and commend him on the information she'd just learnt about his progress in class.

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