VTaL : NEW DigiTech Google Site

Term 2 signifies the launch of the new Subject Sites using the NEW Google Site format.  So essentially, out with the old and in with the new.  My previous Google Site, DigiTech with Ms Anderson, is still searchable on the internet.  However, the NEW Google Site, Digital Technologies with Ms Anderson, is now the main subject site, which is also linked from the main Tamaki College site.

Although the NEW Google Sites have been in place for a little while now, we have been undergoing a transition process from traditional sites to the new site format.  My NEW site still needs some of the work to be embedded.  However, the site is functional and up and running for the students in terms of current projects.

This morning the new rotation of Year 10 students were the first to access learning information via my NEW subject site.  I have set up the NEW site in a similar way to the traditional site, in that the main navigational tab is set up according to year levels.  Students then access learning information from the drop down section of the year level, including navigating to year level calendars, project instructions, workspaces etc.  Other than directing students to the new URL or link (which I've also included on the home page of my old site), navigating to the work was intuitive for the students.  This is reassuring to know and also to see, in that the work flow and information flow is useful and relevant for the learners.



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