SPARK MIT - VTaL Presentation ULearn 2017

ULearn was an amazing space to be able to communicate and share my inquiry about VTaL so far this year.  The ignite presentation format was totally different to me, and forced me to focus quickly on the points of my inquiry that I wanted to highlight to those who attended our breakout session.  Presenting at the Manaiakalani Hui earlier last term was a great opportunity to trial the ignite presentation, and build on the findings for the ULearn presentation.

I really appreciated the time after we all presented, to sit and chat with people who had questions about our inquiries.  This included catching up briefly with Andrew Corney, who is a CoL Teacher from Tauranga, that I'd met when I presented at GAFE earlier this year.  He had some interesting ideas around the Class Task Lists (Tracking Sheets) and Badges that he was trialing with some of his classes, which was good discussion.  It's always constructive to see different perspectives on the use and development of some of the tools that I'd developed, and how these are being refined for different learning audiences.

I'm really grateful to SPARK MIT and Manaiakalani for the opportunity to be involved in the Manaiakalani Innovative Teachers fellowship for 2017.  A huge thanks also to my fellow SPARK MIT colleagues +Dorothy Apelu, Angela, Kelsey, Alicia, Troy, Sandy, and to Dorothy Burt, for the ongoing support. It's been a great and instrumental part of my professional learning journey this year.


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