VTaL and JumpStart Unit Plan

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The unit of work that I am delivering for the JumpStart program in Term 4 is 11DGT Create a Web Page US18734.  The unit plan itself shows the extent to which VTaL Visible Teaching and Learning can be integrated into all aspects of learning within the unit of work.  The unit plan template has been developed by Middle Leaders in consultation with the Senior Leadership Team, Curriculum Committee and Teaching Staff, to encapsulate aspects of the Curriculum.

The following are sections of the unit plan that applies various components of VTaL Visible Teaching and Learning:
  • Teaching and Learning - Learning Activities, Resources
  • Assessment - Prior Assessment, Formative Assessment, Summative Assessment
  • RISE Values - Respect, Integrity, Success, Responsibility
  • NZC Key Competencies - Thinking, Relating to Others, Understanding Language, Symbols and Text, Managing Self, Participating and Contributing
  • SAMR - Redefinition
  • NZC Literacy and Numeracy - Literacy
  • SOLO Taxonomy - Unistructural (Identify), Multistructural (Describe), Relational (Apply), Extended Abstract (Evaluate)
  • Differentiation - Process, Learning Environment
  • Kia Eke Panuku - Whanaungatanga, Mahi Tahi Kotahitanga, Wananga
  • Career Management Competencies - Exploring Opportunities, Deciding and Acting

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