VTaL - Making Use of the Feedback

Recently I undertook a data comparison of the Use of VTaL Tools by Staff from Term 1 of this year, to Term 3.  Whilst the information is useful in seeing an overview of shifts in the use of VTaL across the entire staff, I thought it may also be useful to share the data comparisons back to staff of their own survey feedback. 

The surveys were developed using Google Forms; which, for those of you who are familiar with this application, know how awesome it is in terms of digitally collating survey responses.  However, in order to collate both sets of data into a format that is (fingers crossed) user-friendly, I thought that presenting both sets of data into a single document, may be a useful resource.

And so, I'm in the process of developing a template to enable the information to be merged together, and shared back to staff.  Hopefully staff will find the information useful.

Here is an example of the Use of VTaL in Teaching and Learning survey comparisons from Term 1 to Term 3.

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