SPARK MIT Day 3 - The Holy Grail!

The start of today’s session kicked off with a bit of a reflection, recap, of as Dorothy put it, an analogy of ‘The Holy Grail’.
This was a great way of really focussing in on what the real guts of my inquiry is, and how to refine what I’m trying to achieve out of my inquiry.  
To Recap:
My inquiry is based on raising student achievement and shifting teacher practice around effective pedagogical practices including Learn, Create and Share. This will be achieved through the development, implementation and monitoring of the Visible Teaching and Learning Framework.
What does this mean? ‘The Holy Grail’ of my Inquiry:
Students know what they’re learning … each day, week, and month.  The students know how this learning contributes into the bigger picture of achievement; achievement including NCEA credits that contributes towards the students building towards a meaningful career pathway of their interest.  
Students can track their learning with up to date and regular formative feedback.
This will be achieved through teachers using visible teaching and learning.
Teachers effectively use digital tools to deliver visible teaching and learning and improve achievement outcomes for students.

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Focus Future for my Inquiry:
  • Put to Another Use - Highlight examples of effective teacher practice using VTaL, and share these findings
  • Combine - Remind staff of, and highlight the use of existing professional development opportunities around the use of digital tools, to shift teacher practice.
  • Adapt - Get more of the Technology staff onto the digital immersion program
  • Combine - Compare shifts in teacher practice from earlier in 2017 to now
  • Combine - Ask students for feedback on the use and benefits of VTaL for their learning

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