2017 Review : Tool 01 - Google Sites

Use and Impact of Tool 01 - Google Sites in DigiTech

In 2017, I have used my subject site extensively to communicate learning information to both my junior classes (including intermediates) and multi-level senior class.  The site includes the year level tabs, course outlines, calendars, project instructions, student progress, communities, links to student sites and student blogs, careers information and information about partnership programs.

The site that I used throughout 2017 was a Classic Site.  I am in the process of developing a site using the NEW Google Sites, which I am trialling with my 2017 JumpStart course.

The following is VTaL - Google Sites Feedback from Tech Students, which indicates the visibility and accessibility of my site.  It is both the visibility and accessibility of the information within the site that contributes towards student achievement for students, due to students having access to learning information.  This is reflected in student progress and achievement for junior and senior students whose progress indicates work completion and meeting project criteria.

Use of Tool 01 - Google Sites across Staff

The following shows the use of Google Sites by staff from Term 1 to Term 3 this year.

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