2017 Review : Tool 09 - Subject Google+ and Blogs

Use and Impact of Tool 09 - Subject Google+ and Blogs in DigiTech

I mostly used Google+ Communities with my multi-level Senior DigiTech students.  I created a separate community for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3; all of which are linked out of the Communities tab in my DigiTech subject site.  

Senior students would share completed tasks into the community under various project categories.  This became a hub for students to view examples of their peers work in order to guide their own learning.  The senior students found the communities an invaluable resource that they say, directly impacted on their ability to complete tasks and produce evidence that met criteria within different NCEA unit and achievement standards.  This feedback is reflected in the following blog post Senior DigiTech Students discuss the benefits of Student Checklists and Google+ on their achievement.  

Senior DigiTech students also give examples of how feedback on their work within the Google+ communities was really useful for their learning, as outlined in the blog post Using Sharing and Communities to Motivate Learners.  The commenting function is the same in Google+ communities as it is within individual student blogs.  The main difference is that students can see and view work and comments according to categories which they all post into, giving them a broader perspective on both their own as well as their peers work.  Two students, Lisiate and Sione, explain this to us in the following YouTube clip.

Use of Tool 09 - Subject Google+ and Blogs across Staff

The following shows the use of Subject Google+ and Blogs by staff from Term 1 to Term 3 this year.

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