2017 Review : Tool 05 - Subject Google Calendars

Use and Impact of Tool 05 - Subject Google Calendars in DigiTech

I used Subject Google Calendars with all of my Year Levels, both junior and senior.  I include brief instructions within individual calendar events to direct students towards the learning for that particular lesson.  The calendar posts are rewindable resources that enables students (and other any stakeholders) access to learning instructions from previous lessons simply by viewing dates within a year level calendar.

Although I use calendars with both junior and senior classes, it is mostly the junior classes that are highly dependant on the use of the calendars to direct them towards to the learning for each lesson.  Senior students tend to refer back to the Student Checklists to guide the next steps in their learning process, whereas the juniors rely more on myself to redirect them back towards the learning.  I also include links within calendar posts to the Class Project Task Lists as well as Learning Activities.  Junior students will often click on the Class Project Task List link to track their progress.  

Overall, the calendar posts enable students to know what the focus is for each lesson according to the date and time.  This is particularly useful in a secondary school environment where students are transitioning between different classes multiple times throughout the day and week.  However, I have not yet made any direct links between the use of the calendar posts and student achievement.  It is moreso a case of the tool being used to direct workflow for students on any given day.

Use of Tool 05 - Subject Google Calendars across Staff

The following shows the use of Subject Google Calendars by staff from Term 1 to Term 3 this year.

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