2017 Review : Tool 02 - SOLO Learning Activities

Use and Impact of Tool 02 - SOLO Learning Activities in DigiTech

In 2017, I have included links to SOLO Learning Activities into a range of tools within my site.  This includes calendar posts for each level, project instructions for junior and senior projects, class task lists, and student checklists.

It is the instructions within the learning activities that have directed student learning.  The links to learning activities within the Class Task Lists also allows students to easily navigate to learning activity instructions for incomplete tasks, identified by the colour orange.  Thus enabling students to complete the work for that task.  It is the accessibility of the learning activities within different learning tools, that enables the learning activity instructions to contribute towards student progress and achievement.

Use of Tool 02 - SOLO Learning Activities across Staff

The following shows the use of SOLO-Focused Learning Activities by staff from Term 1 to Term 3 this year.

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