Visible Learning Accelerates Shift

The following is a breakdown that demonstrates how Visibility helped to accelerate shifts for one of the learners in my NCEA Level 2 DigiTech class this year.  The learner spent a really long time completing the first assessment.  He was still completing the first assessment when the rest of his peers were completing the second and third assessment tasks.  The student checklist (that he made a copy of from the template in the Level 2 tab in my DigiTech with Ms Anderson site), enabled the learner to track the tasks that he was completing.  When he finally completed the final website design for the first assessment, and shared the outcome online, this gave him a real sense of achievement.  He was able to view exemplars of tasks for the second and third assessment activities that his class mates had shared into the Level 2 Google+ community.  He used the community to guide his own learning, and enable him to catch up on all of the work for the next two assessments.  This enabled him to achieve 3 unit standard credits and 10 achievement standard credits during class time, as well as credits that he also achieved while attending Techtorium off site.  If the learner did not have access to the student checklist and Level 2 Google+ community, both of which are visible in my site, he may not have been able to catch up and complete the assessments for the year.

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