2017 Review : Tool 07 - Student Google Sites

Use and Impact of Tool 07 - Student Google Sites in DigiTech

Student Sites in a tool that I trialled with students in order to visually showcase their work.  I initially trialled this with senior students in previous years as a means of providing evidence for external moderation, and decided to trial it with junior students this year.  The purpose being to enable students to collate evidence of learning according to various Technology achievement objectives across different Technology Specialist areas throughout the year.  

Students loved having ownership of their sites, and having the ability to customize their sites.  This is reflected in a previous blogpost Elevating Share to New Heights! Whilst students enjoyed using this tool to showcase their work, it contributed more towards student engagement, than having a direct connection to student achievement.  I can see how this may change over time, as students realise the benefits of ‘sharing’ sites with comprehensive sets of completed work, as opposed to either incomplete or non-existent tasks.  However, getting to that stage, this is still a work in progress.

Use of Tool 07 - Student Google Sites across Staff

The following shows the use of Student Google Sites by staff from Term 1 to Term 3 this year.

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